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The in-vehicle experience beyond the driving task

in-vehicle infotainment

Since the introduction of the first commercial radio in a vehicle by Motorola in the 1930s companies strive to integrate features or functionalities into a car as consumers have gotten used to in their daily lives as technology developments allow, which extend the in-vehicle experience beyond the driving task.

At Dextra Technologies we are at the core of such evolution collaborating with our partners in Software Development and Quality assurance (QA) for the building blocks that enable such developments:

  • Audio capture for voice commands
  • Audio processing that turn listening to music into an involving experience
  • Image stabilization for cameras that feed advanced driver assistance systems
  • Tools Development
  • User Interface (UI) Development
  • Communication buses
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Connected vehicle

If you are an engineer looking for a career in this exciting world where all these technologies converge, we are always looking for the brightest minds. We are confident that you will find the challenges that will enrich your professional experience and personal fulfillment.

If you are looking for that partner with the knowledge, expertise, and a proven Nearshore model that will extend your capabilities in the delivery of your services or products, we will make sure to build a model that satisfies your needs.

By Héctor Vega
By Héctor Vega

VP of Business Development and CTO


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