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Sourcing Better Testing and Development Solutions in a Post COVID-19 World

Sourcing Better Testing and Development Solutions in a Post COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has mandated “new” delivery methods. Nearshore was made for this, working from home, remote, and teleworking are already part of our DNA.

Very early in this crisis, we reached out to our clients to work with them on contingency plans, well ahead on any government mandates anywhere. Proactive planning and focus on execution have resulted in consistent delivery. Customers were consulted and informed of staged plans to move work out of offices, dependencies were identified and resolved ahead of time.

Laptop disk encryption, data loss prevention software, secure VPN access to Dextra R&D hardware, and client servers in the US were verified.

It is vital to live by your core values. At Dextra, our team’s well-being is our priority. Employees are being informed with regular corporate updates since the beginning of this health crisis. Teams are fully committed to plans and deliver results with shortened feedback cycles.

If your software provider has a set of values; they should certainly put them into action. They should be transparent and demonstrate integrity and respect for their people, and their clients.

Companies must provide a robust and scalable Telecom infrastructure consisting of multiple and redundant carriers that can pick up bandwidth when others fail. Employees should also have high-speed connections from home along with access to collaboration software.

In this webinar hosted by the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI), experts from IT consultancy Strategy Shore as well as Dextra Technologies discuss how remote working will need to be a part of every company’s DNA moving forward.

We remain vigilant but optimistic about the future. Watch the entire webinar below and get to know more about how Dextra’s approach and deep expertise across different technologies have supported our clients before. You can also view the slides here


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