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People and Company Culture

At Dextra Technologies, we believe in our people, we focus on delivering value to our customers, we are always honest with everyone, and now, more than ever, we adapt to the challenges of an ever-changing world.

We are a team that inspires honesty, respect, and trust, within our company and towards our customers. Honesty is strict and absolute, trust is earned, respect is bestowed, and loyalty is proven. All of us at Dextra Technologies are an important part of this organization, therefore it is vital to comply with our Code of Ethics, which provides guidance about expected behavior based on the organization’s core values, principles and beliefs.

The Open Doors Policy is part of our culture. We faithfully believe that this policy encourages oral and written communication with our leaders, opening a channel for shared knowledge, face-to-face interactions, and friendly relations.


Strengthening our community. 
We strive to create, encourage, and keep our team engaged and motivated. Our efforts are primarily focused on two initiatives: Dextra Cares and Dextra Green. Dextra Cares focuses on seven dimensions aligned to our employees’ well-being and to one of our core values. These elements are embedded in our daily life and aim to ensure work-life balance, reduce our environmental impact through programs that incorporate sustainability into business practices, and support nonprofit organizations in the communities where we live and work.
  • Emotional- Your emotional health.
  • Social- Our commitment to our community.
  • Physical- Your physical health.
  • Environmental- Our commitment to the environment (Dextra Green).
  • Occupational- Your career and growth at Dextra.
  • Financial- Your financial health.
  • Balance- Our commitment to ensuring your work-life balance.

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