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COVID-19: One year into the crisis.

Looking back at lessons learned.

It’s been a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and we know it has not been easy for anyone. From the very beginning we were facing an unknown challenge for which there were no recipes. Most importantly, we have all been concerned about the health of our family, our colleagues, and our own.

At Dextra Technologies we had the caution, agility, and resilience to handle and respond to this situation to the best of our ability. It was very useful and practical to have designed a plan divided into phases, which allowed us to be one step ahead of the situation from the very early stages of the crisis.

Taking strong measures and in time, long before they were formalized by the government, gave us the advantage of protecting all members of the Dextra Technologies community. Today our team is as healthy and productive as ever, and most of us keep working from home, which tells us that we are doing things right.

At the same time that we implemented the plans to protect our health, we had before us the challenge of keeping ourselves operating, thus helping to mitigate the economic impact on our community.

Although being in the software industry puts us in a privileged position, moving quickly to this level of remote work was not easy and we did not have much margin for errors given the deliveries that we have been committed to. Together as a team, we identified the limitations to make the new scheme of activities possible and we worked hard on creative solutions to solve them. Being already at home, we have all demonstrated our sense of responsibility to maintain our focus and achieve our goals.

At the beginning of 2020 when COVID-19 spread rapidly around the world, and countries took steps to deal with the crisis, Dextra Technologies’ executive team started planning and working towards the implementation of a fully remote work model even before the virus arrived in Mexico. This anticipation was key to reach almost 100% of it by March 13th and restrict on-site activities to only those who had direct dependence on specialized hardware.

Dextra Technologies already had a remote work model, which was originally functional to support the Home Office model and minor eventualities, which was a great advantage and allowed us to maintain productivity. The solutions with specialized connectivity hardware were also generated so that dependencies did not represent an impediment in our services.

We took great care of the execution of our processes, our people, our clients, our reputation, and our methodologies and were still able to grow our projects and get more clients under the nearshore model. This helped us to not only continue working as usual but to keep all our team complete, preventing layoffs or reducing compensations, which makes us very proud since we know not all companies were fortunate enough to do it.

Even though nearly all of our staff continues working remotely, we aligned ourselves and the offices to the health protocols and guidelines put in place by the Mexican government and health authorities last year. We also increased communication with our employees, and we all know how to stay safe and take care of one another outside and inside the office.

Seizing opportunities

This year has taught us many lessons, and we have helped each other in this process of adapting to a different way of working and looking for options to maintain close communication with each other and with our clients. We have also detected areas of opportunity in infrastructure and improved some work processes and tools. Last but not least, we have been very conscious and careful to protect the intellectual property and confidentiality of our clients.

This crisis has brought us a unique opportunity to strengthen and improve ourselves. The results we have achieved so far have been excellent. Compliance with work plans and commitments has been maintained with an outstanding level of quality and productivity. 

We know our clients are very happy with the results as they have shared their positive feedback in regards to our strategy, which further strengthens their trust and commitment to Dextra Technologies as they know that they are also being supported during this time, which is also challenging for them.

The Dextra Technologies team has shown that we truly live by our core values. This past year they have proved their integrity, respect, teamwork, resilience, and focus on delivering increasing value to our clients.

For instance, Dextra Technologies had the honor to receive the award as one of the Best Mexican Companies in 2020 for the ninth year in a row, validating our ability to embrace change and our drive to succeed even in the face of adversity. The Deloitte Best Managed Companies program is a global initiative that recognizes private companies with advanced management ideas and exceptional business performance.

Our CEO, Daniel Chávez, shared with MEM (Mexico’s Best Managed Companies program by Deloitte) our response to this crisis. In this quick video, he summarizes the 4 key actions the company took to mitigate the impact of the pandemic. 

To conclude, we would like to say thank you to our whole team and business partners for their efforts, their support, and for making this possible. Despite these challenging times, it is certain we will find ourselves as a reinvented company and even a stronger community. Congratulations on the results achieved, let’s keep this up!



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