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Consumer Electronics

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End-to-end test automation framework development and test execution.

Test Automation
Framework Development

Firmware Testing

Mobile Apps Testing

Field Test Support

Multiplatform solutions for the Education Technology product ecosystem.

Desktop & Mobile Apps


End-to-end Test Automation

User Interaction Emulation

Delivering software development and testing for data and media storage systems utilized in diagnostic and surgery applications.



Embedded Software

Backend systems

OUR capabilities

Software Product Design

Web and Mobile Apps Development

Application Development

Framework DevelopmenT

Testing & Test Automation

Test Automation

Software Product Support

Success Stories

Our client is a global supplier of semiconductors, consumer electronics and education technology solutions. We’re currently involved in numerous unique components of their Education Technology ecosystem. Among other things, we helped the client increase test case execution efficiency through the creation of an automation platform that supports the multiple and distinct components of their education technology solution.

2005 – Present



Initial Challenges

  • Multi-platform environment of desktop applications, native mobile apps for Android and iOS, specific purpose devices (calculators), WiFi connectivity solutions.
  • Multiple programming languages depending upon the component at hand.
  • Original large amount of test cases that needed to be executed per product and per platform.


  • Smart Architecture with 3,000 reusable test cases for desktop applications and physical devices.
  • Fully supported platform coverage: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.
  • Major Regression Test time savings with 12,000+ test cases now automated.
  • Increased productivity due to improved cross-team collaboration (Dev and QA).

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