Dextra Technologies is officially an AWS Select Consulting Partner

aws dextra technologies select consulting partner
aws dextra technologies select consulting partner

Dextra Technologies is officially an AWS Select Consulting Partner

Dextra Technologies has been recently recognized as a Select Level Partner of the AWS Partner Network, validating the experience that our company and world-class engineers have in the implementation of reliable and secure AWS solutions. It also confirms that we have AWS accredited professionals with a thorough understanding of the AWS platform and cloud expertise.

AWS Consulting Partners are companies that support customers of all types and sizes to accelerate their journey to the cloud by assisting the design, development, and management of workloads on AWS.

The journey

In 2014, our team assessed the best cloud service providers, and the research placed AWS as the leader, which is why we have offered solutions using AWS from that moment onwards. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is still the leading cloud platform to date, designed to be the most flexible and secure. The APN (AWS Partner Network) is dedicated to helping its partners in developing successful AWS-based solutions and take full advantage of the benefits AWS has to offer.

Over the years and as we implemented more projects, our solutions became more and more specialized. A couple of years ago the number of projects to move into the cloud already indicated that we should enhance this practice. 

In 2019 our team approached AWS and expressed our interest to provide our engineers a deeper involvement in the use of their platform and to become their partners to keep up to date with their best practices and expertise and to be able to offer better solutions to our clients.

Organizations looking forward to being an AWS Certified Partner are required to demonstrate professional experience using AWS solutions. It is necessary to register projects (which AWS calls opportunities) in which they have implemented AWS cloud so they can be validated by an AWS expert team.

At the end of the process, our knowledge and expertise with the technologies and tools of this platform are backed up by the AWS certifications that our engineers hold.

Benefits of becoming an APN Partner

As an APN Partner, Dextra Technologies gains access to technical resources that help us better serve our customers. Thanks to our extensive experience we are well-positioned to assist your organization at any stage of your cloud adoption journey and to help you achieve your business goals.

For instance, being part of this network means that we have invested significantly in our AWS practice. This also implies that we possess extensive experience in deploying customer solutions on AWS, have trained and certified technical consultants, provided expertise in project management, and demonstrated success deploying solutions on AWS.

The process was not easy, but it was certainly very rewarding. This accomplishment reflects the efforts of the entire team to keep supporting our customers’ digital transformation journey.

What’s next?

What’s next for us as an AWS partner is to keep offering our cloud expertise and unlock new opportunities with a cloud-first strategy approach. Besides, our engineers will continue to specialize in serverless and workload migration solutions in the AWS Cloud.

Moreover, the Dextra Technologies Talent Development department is also updating the career plans of our engineers to achieve this objective and to stay current with industry-recognized credentials.   

Our team of highly skilled engineers can help you with cloud application migration and modernization, IoT, mobile-cloud integration, and much more. Contact us to find out more about our services and how we can assist you.