Dextra Technologies has completed a sale transaction with Deloitte Consulting.
The addition of the Dextra Technologies business to Deloitte Consulting will help
clients accelerate product innovation and digital transformation.

We empower your digital initiatives by providing the right talent, technology and long-term client partnerships
With a Spirit of True Partnership
based on your challenges and goals
and investing in
People + Technology + Innovation
with outcome-based engagements
Supported by our Adaptable Processes Framework to shorten cycle times with an agile mindset and world class execution


Bringing World Class execution with an Agile Mindset, Right Technology / Tools and Skilled Talent.

Software Product Engineering

Innovating your product
development with our expertise across different industries and converging technologies.

Digital Transformation Enablement

Identifying and integrating advanced technologies and platforms that improve how our clients operate and deliver value to their customers.



Automotive Technology

  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI) & Infotainment
  • Safety and Comfort
  • Telematics

Consumer Electronics

  • Wearable Technology
  • Educational Technology
  • Medical Devices


  • Customer Experience
  • Operational Efficiency

Internet of Things

  • Payment Platforms


  • Multimedia
  • Connectivity
  • SDK


We are our clients’ digital initiatives partner.

Agile Delivery

Agile Delivery Center



Embedded & Firmware DeveloPment

Embedded AND Firmware DeveloPment

Testing & Test Automation

Testing AND Test Automation

Web and Mobile Apps Development

Web and Mobile Apps Development

Cloud Application Migration and Modernization

Cloud Application Migration and Modernization

IoT Mobile-Cloud Integration

IoT Mobile-Cloud Integration


Dextra Technologies is a software consulting firm dedicated to the design, build and testing of software solutions for leading enterprises since 1997.

We utilize our nearshore location and agile delivery model to support US clients in real time. By leveraging our adaptable process frameworks, we shorten cycle times and improve our clients’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Trusted partner for F1000 clients

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